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What A Funeral Director Can Do For You

The role of a funeral director is to provide a very special service. He or she must be able to advise on and arrange all the details that make up a funeral service.

From the moment a family calls, the funeral director will make every possible effort to meet the family’s wishes.

Above all, the funeral director must be understanding, compassionate, and act in a way which is ethical and deserving of trust.

The responsibilities of a funeral director include:

  • Arrange all matters requested by the family taking into consideration the legal, social, cultural, and religious considerations relating to the deceased and to the mourners.
  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the mortuary.
  • Preparation of the deceased.
  • Collation of certificates from hospital or doctor’s surgery.
  • Completion of statutory requirements, including forms.
  • Preparation and insertion of newspapers notices.
  • Contact with clergyman or funeral celebrant.
  • Organise bookings at the church, cemetery and/or crematorium.
  • Officially register the death.
  • Obtain copies of the Death Certificate.
  • Organise all details of the funeral service, including the supply of vehicles and pall bearers.
  • Advise on religious requirements in relation to the funeral service and to visitation and other customs prior to and after the funeral.

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