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Cremations Gold Coast & Northern Rivers

Families chose ‘Direct Cremation’ for a variety of reasons. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Many find the absence of a funeral ceremony hard to understand, and it may have a major impact on the healing process.

Sometimes families will celebrate a life in their own personal style, a social gathering, a viewing, even a party.

If your decision is being made for financial reasons, feel free to discuss this with your funeral director and they will be able to suggest other ways to commemorate a life that may work within your budget.

Heritage Brothers can assist in your Direct Cremation needs.

 heritage brothers funeral services office

Total Including GST: $3,695

Direct Cremation

Includes all certificates required with cremated remains returns to the family or executors.

  • Professional Services Fee $1030.00
  • Transfer and Mortuary Fee $695.00
  • Cremation Fee $795.00
  • Essential Care Coffin $995.00
  • Doctor’s Cremation Permit $110.00
  • Certified Death Certificate $70.00

Total Including GST: $3,695.00

Additional options include:

Direct Cremation with Viewing $3,995.00

Includes all Direct Cremation Items plus the opportunity to have deceased prepared for a private viewing in one of our chapels.

Direct Cremation with Garden Farewell $3,995.00

Includes all Direct Cremation Items plus the opportunity to sit with coffin in chapel or witness the arrival of the hearse at our crematorium gardens, with opportunity to place a flower.

Additional fees apply for the postage of cremated remains via registered post to family.

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Gold Coast Direct Cremations: Your Compassionate Choice

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