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Pre-paying for a funeral lets you lessen two of the biggest burdens to fall to those you leave behind: knowing what your wishes were and paying for the funeral. A pre-paid funeral allows you to decide now what you want regarding your funeral and also pay at today’s price. The cost is fixed forever, leaving your loved ones with no more to pay.

Your pre-payment is securely lodged with a recognised funeral funds manager, ensuring your invested funds are secure.

Heritage Brothers offer a selection of Pre-Paid Funeral payment options.  Our staff can help you decide what suits you best and create an instalment plan that suits your budget or accept an immediate lump sum payment.

A Funeral Bond is where a person puts aside a nominated amount that is to provide for the funeral costs when their family make arrangements at a later time. A Bond can be anything from $500 to $14,000.

It can be paid in a lump sum or by instalments.  The funds are held and managed by a approved funeral funds manager, Heritage Brothers chose Foresters Financial Services to manage their pre-funeral investments.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan, is where a person plans their funeral with the funeral director, and choses to fix the major items at todays prices by paying the amount in advance. This amount is also managed by a funeral funds manager.

Items such as Professional Services Fee, Transfer and Mortuary Services, Coffin or Casket Selection, Celebrant Fees, Cremation or Burial Fees can mostly all be fixed. Some disbursement items like flowers, press notices and catering will be billed at the time of the funeral.

Prearranging your funeral is where you record all you funeral wishes with your funeral director, a file is created and information stored at the funeral home. You may receive an estimate of costs or quote, but no financial payment is made. As you have prearranged everything, you estate or family will meet the costs at the time.

Discussing your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan with Heritage Brothers is obligation free and can be done at our office or your home.

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Additionally, Heritage Brothers offer an online lodgement of your Funeral wishes. Click the below Pre-Planning form to find out more.

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