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How much does it cost to be cremated on the Gold Coast?

How much does it cost to be cremated on the Gold Coast?

Losing a loved one is challenging, and at Heritage Brothers Funeral Services, we understand how important it is to create a meaningful farewell. If you choose for your loved one to be cremated there are so many things to consider, including the costs. So, how much does it cost to be cremated on the Gold Coast? 

Heritage Brothers Funeral Services takes great pride in offering a commitment to excellence in every cremation we deliver. With a focus on quality service at affordable prices, we strive to provide a personal touch to every family.

Our dedication ensures every client we serve is cared for and your unique needs are met. As Gold Coast funeral directors, we are 100% locally Australian owned and you can trust you’ll receive total care, personalised attention, and honest service with Heritage Brothers Funeral Services. 

How much does cremation cost on the Gold Coast? 

To help you understand the costs involved in cremation on the Gold Coast, here’s a breakdown of the services provided in our Burleigh Heads or Tweed Heads funeral chapels: 

  • Professional services fee $2,895.00.
  • Transfer and mortuary fee $1095.00.
  • Lambeth coffin $1,295.00.
  • Cremation fee $795.00.
  • Doctor’s cremation permit $110.00.
  • Certified death certificate $70.00.
  • Civil celebrant $530.00.
  • Traditional floral arrangement $250.00.
  • Live streaming.

Total Including GST: $7,040.00

Heritage Brothers Funeral Services also offers a range of additional options to enhance your loved one’s cremation. Additional services include the use of our Melaleuca Station chapel (Fee: $500), and catering, outside venue options, multimedia and printing, memorial plaques and urns, press notices and a NSW cremation certificate. 

Direct cremation

With our direct cremation option, we provide a straightforward and respectful solution. This choice involves a no-service, no-attendance cremation, and includes all necessary certificates. Following the process, the cremated remains are thoughtfully returned to the family or designated executors, ensuring simplicity and flexibility during this challenging time. 

The fees include: 

  • Professional services fee $1030.00
  • Transfer and mortuary fee $695.00
  • Cremation fee $795.00
  • Essential care Coffin $995.00
  • Doctor’s cremation permit $110.00
  • Certified death certificate $70.00

Total Including GST: $3,695.00

There are also additional options available for direct cremations, including a cremation with viewing and with a garden farewell. Additional fees also apply for the postage of cremated remains via registered post. 

Direct cremation with viewing: $3,995.00

This includes all direct cremation items plus the opportunity to have your loved one prepared for a private viewing in one of our chapels.Direct cremation with garden farewell: $3,995.00

Includes all direct cremation items plus the opportunity to sit with the coffin in our chapel or witness the arrival of the hearse at our crematorium gardens, with the opportunity to place a flower.

Why choose Heritage Brothers Funeral Services?

Our Gold Coast funeral directors stand out for their commitment to providing compassionate and professional services during times of loss. With a wealth of experience and a genuine understanding of the emotional challenges families face, our team ensures that every aspect of the cremation process is handled with care and sensitivity. 

From the initial consultation to the final farewell, our dedicated funeral directors will guide you through the process, offering support, empathy, and personalised services tailored to honour the unique lives of your loved ones. By choosing Heritage Brothers Funeral Services, you are selecting a team devoted to creating meaningful and respectful farewells that reflect the individuality of your loved one.

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