Pre-Paid And Pre-Planned Funerals

Pre-paying for a funeral lets you lessen two of the biggest burdens to fall to those you leave behind – knowing what your wishes were and paying for the funeral. A pre-paid funeral allows you to decide now what you want regarding your funeral and also pay at today’s price. The cost is fixed forever, leaving your loved ones with no more to pay, ever!

Your pre-payment is securely lodged with a recognised funeral funds manager, ensuring your invested funds are secure.

Heritage Brothers offer a selection of Pre-Paid Funeral options. From the choice of investment firms to the payment options available, our staff can help you decide what suits you best and create an installment plan that suits your budget or accept an immediate lump sum payment.

Discussing your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan with Heritage Brothers is obligation free and can be done at our office or your home.

With a Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan, you simply meet with the Funeral Director for a completely free consultation and give them your funeral wishes.

These wishes are recorded with the Funeral Director and your family also receives a copy.

You can also use our booklet, My Life, My Funeral, to pre-plan and record your wishes.

Though you are only taking care of your funeral wishes, not the funeral costings, this will save your family and friends from hard guesswork at a difficult time.

However, a Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan will not guarantee the price forever as will a Pre-Paid Plan.