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Is embalming a service offered by Gold Coast funeral directors? 

Is embalming a service offered by Gold Coast funeral directors? 

If you’re not part of the funeral industry, you may not understand exactly what’s involved in the funeral process. When you’re confronted with the task of organising a funeral for a loved one, navigating through the various services and options can feel daunting.

Terms such as embalming can be shrouded in mystery for some people and when you start organising a funeral, questions may arise about what it is and if it’s common practice here in Australia. Let’s shed some light on this topic to help you gain a better understanding. 

What is embalming? 

Embalming has existed in different forms for thousands of years. It’s a way to preserve the human body to stop decomposition. Embalming involves injecting embalming fluid into the bloodstream to restore the natural appearance of the individual. 

If you choose to have your loved one’s body embalmed, you will discover that there are two main types of embalming: arterial and cavity. Arterial embalming involves the body being cleaned with a disinfectant and massaged to counteract rigour mortis. Embalming fluid is then injected into the arteries to replace the blood.

Alternatively, cavity embalming is when the natural fluids are drained from the chest and abdomen, replacing them with an embalming solution through a small incision. After embalming, the body receives cosmetic care, including bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Partial embalming improves the appearance of the deceased for a few days and is faster than full embalming. You may choose to have your loved one partially embalmed for a funeral viewing.

Is embalming a service offered by Australian funeral directors? 

Yes, embalming is a service offered by Australian funeral directors, including Heritage Brothers Funeral Services. Although, it’s important to recognise that embalming is not mandatory and isn’t necessary for every individual. Whether your loved one needs to be embalmed will depend on various factors.

In some cases, families may request their loved one’s body to be either partially or fully embalmed. This could be to make the body more presentable for viewing at the funeral, or if there is a long delay between the death of your loved one and their funeral. 

When do our Gold Coast funeral directors offer embalming? 

Embalming is often offered when your loved one is being repatriated to their home country for a funeral. This is because embalming helps to preserve their body for an extended time and ensure it is in a suitable condition for transportation. We find this is often an option for families who wish to honour their cultural heritage by holding a funeral in their home country. 

We may also recommend embalming if your loved one is being buried in an above-ground vault. Because the body won’t be subjected to natural decomposition in the ground, embalming will help maintain the body’s appearance. 

Embalming isn’t necessary for most types of funerals and it’s not needed for direct cremation or immediate burials. At Heritage Brothers Funeral Services, we respect the wishes and beliefs of each family and provide guidance tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Heritage Brothers Funeral Services

Our highly-experienced team of Gold Coast funeral directors provides compassionate support and guidance throughout every phase of the funeral planning process. At all times we prioritise your wishes, ensuring you are fully informed about your options regarding embalming and the funeral service.

Embalming is offered here at Heritage Brothers Funeral Services, however only under certain circumstances or if it is specially requested. If you’d like to know more about embalming, please contact our Gold Coast funeral directors at (07) 5535 8758 or contact our team online